About us

Superfecta Entertainment is an artists management and development company located in Northern California. We manage a variety of artists within the electronic and alternative music world. Please fill free to contact us to check our artists availability.

Our Story

Superfecta began in 2001 as “Superfecta Recordings” a record label focused on reissuing out-of-print titles from ‘80s alternative artists. Since there are only so many people who want a remastered “Long Live the New Flesh”, the company evolved into an online store called “The Ideal Copy”. In 2005, founder Jason Fiber was recruited by Jac Holzman and The Warner Music Group to found and launch the first “online” record label called Cordless Recordings, where he signed the Boston-based synthpop band Freezepop. After the label merged with another company Fiber departed and was asked by Freezepop to manage them. After a bit of convincing he founded the management/booking/consulting company known today as Superfecta Entertainment.

Superfecta has produced several successful tours, including multiple world tours (including several runs for Combichrist as support for Rammstein) as well as three Brazilian tours for Information Society. Superfecta specializes in taking small, but motivated, artists and growing their careers. Moving away from strictly music, Superfecta has recently started managing the well known tattoo artist/model Megan Massacre. Their next moves are focused on continuing to discover more talent of this caliber, expanding their business to encapsulate their unique approach.